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This Weeks Horoscopes ✨ April 1st- April 7th- ECLIPSE CORRIDOR TIPS


Please read your rising sign first to get a more accurate energy forecast based on your chart.

Then you can read your Sun sign for more of the macro/collective energies.



Your relationships are going through an initiation & big release. Evolve or repeat.

Be honest with yourself about old hooks & karmic patterns you keep recycling.

Watch projecting your stuff onto your relationships.

Heal yourself so you don't take your wounds out on those closest to you.

Get lots of rest & watch being overstimulated.

Headaches, fogginess, migraines & physical ailments may arise. Ride the dragon bby!



Old habits die hard. Look after your health. Sleep, rest, stay hydrated, ground, literally cover yourself in dirt! Watch staying in old comfortable daily routines & rituals. Cut & release what no longer aligns. Your lesson is to turn a new page. Meditation, music & nature will be your medicine this week. Let go & trust, like you never have before!



Clear trauma bonds with your lovers. Look at the patterns & go within to soothe & heal your inner child. You deserve love. Declare your romantic karma complete! Your ego is dissolving. You are being asked to look at the bigger picture, humanity & plan for your future. You may be tying up loose ends with your children or tending heavily to their needs right now. Creative projects are coming to completion & you are about to embark on something brand new!



Family lines, childhood patterns, & deep past traumas are being purged, examined & karmically reckoned. Where do you feel held back by family responsibilities & obligations? Where are you stuck in very old emotional cycles & loops? You are clearing eons of ancestral karma right now, so go gently. Stand in the sunlight every day. Sun your heart. Get your feet on the Earth & pray to the sacred lands; hear her sing to you.



Be very attuned to what you are thinking, who you are listening to, who you are speaking to & what old mental habits & thoughts appear or reappear this week. Your mind is going through a supreme upgrade. The way you speak to yourself is under reconstruction. Old phrases, words, ideas & self-talk must be eliminated. Journalling will be your ally. Write what comes up. Write what you are thinking about. Write limiting & negative beliefs down so you can witness them to release them once & for all! Sing & listen to mantras.



Your finances, inner resources & values are being restructured. Watch what you are spending money on. Unexpected bills may be appearing. Attachments to material possessions will be problematic. You are being asked to surrender, to know your worth. Release abundance issues by detaching, collaborating & sharing your resources. You don't have to do everything alone.

It doesn't have to be hard. Magic comes when you trust in the unseen.



Honestly, take HUGE care of yourself in this wormhole. More than likely a shit tonne of physical symptoms are appearing. If your body aches, listen to it. This is NOT a time to push through & force yourself to be productive! Sleep whenever you can. Drink at least 3 litres of water a day. Saunas, floats & being so gentle with your physical vessel. Old injuries may arise, or you may be nursing new ones. REST!



Don't escape reality right now, reality will be your greatest teacher. It's easy to stay in a cycle of addiction, whatever that may be for you. Whatever takes you out of your humanness is not recommended. No drugs, alcohol or running to the hills solo to meditate. Nope, you are releasing these qualities from your life, where they are unhealthy & being initiated into your new normal. You are banishing some HUGE karma, I bet you can feel it! If you are feeling super exhausted, rest, your unconscious is in overdrive!



Banish outdated dreams, goals & friendships. It's time to let go of pie in the sky ideals, collective projects & focus on your own creative self-expression. Pay attention to allies that aren't supporting you anymore & groups where you feel like you no longer belong. You belong to yourself darling. The ocean will be medicine for you. Allow tears to come. Ride the waves.

Grieve what you are leaving behind.



Are you leaving your job? Is another career enticing you? Maybe you are having a baby so maternity leave is coming up? There is a loss, or something being tied up around your ambitions & goals. How attached are you to work, status & your reputation? If you define yourself through your career this may be a challenging period for you. Be gentle. Let go of expectations & the overidentification to your achievements & successes. This is not a week to overwork, overdo & burn out. Let go of what's being removed & don't try & save what's not worth saving.



Watch mental burn out this week. Are you feeling overstimulated, too many tabs open?

Give your mind a break. Don't take on more- more of anything! You are going through a karmic clear out of outdated beliefs & philosophies, the mind is working overtime. A silent retreat might be nice. Magnesium float or anything that silences your inner world. Quietly does it!



Emotions are heightened, so nourish your soul this week. Cry, release, let the floodgates open. Let it all out. Wail. If you feel like you are drowning, get onto the Earth, literally! Sit your bones on her, lay your back upon her, let her hold you. You are going through a huge upgrade where you must let go of attachments to anyone else & come home to yourself. Trust your inner resources, rely on you. You are rebuilding & rebirthing!



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