Come dive deep into your biz, money, goals and career signatures of your own natal chart to see what's going on for you personally. We will unpack our discoveries, see what planetary influences you have working with you or inhibiting you in these areas. We will also look at what is currently playing out in your chart and what activations/transits are coming up so you are prepared. Being aware is being prepared! We can look at where the retrogrades will be happening and if they will be affecting any area of your business, we will look to major transits through the business, money, goals, work and career houses as well. We will make sure you are aware of how you are showing up in your own business and where shifts, beliefs, values etc may need to be shifted, healed or even just recognised.


This immersive 3 - 4 hour session starts with a smudge to clear and set our intentions, then we sit with Cacao medicine to open our hearts before we plunge into the magic of astrology! You will receive a liquid crystal to take home plus a calendar with dates/notes ect from the session.  


Let's map your magic together, arm you with information and knowledge so you can clear away what no longer serves, be aware of your own natal chart and how these areas affect you in your own business and prepare you for what's ahead! 



5 hours of prep work before you arrive

3 - 4 hours in the session

Cacao medicine/Light snack/Tea

Liquid crystal and notes to take home
Cost - $888


Includes- 3-4 hours prep work

2  hour session

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