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The Cosmic Calendar


The online subscription to monthly Magic


Subscribe for $8 each month or $88 a year & receive weekly horoscopes delivered to you every Monday PLUS a monthly overview of the Cosmic Magic so you can prepare for what's ahead. 


The Calendar access & all the dates & notes can be synced directly to your preferred calendar on your phone or laptop, so it's gives you all this information right at your fingertips!

Join this cosmic cauldron to receive essential monthly Magic for you to work with that I personally source to share with you.

It won't be like any other subscription or astrology app which can

overload you with a million aspects on the daily. 

I live by the motto, "Where there is complication, ego; where there is simplicity, God."

 In a world of too much information I want to strip it right back & share deliberately, so that it counts. 


So, expect a simple calendar, marked with the Magic that I pull from the sky.


As an embodied Astrologer I'm all about experiencing Astrology, actually living it! 

It's a journey, not just a list of planets, new & full Moons you don't really work with

& all the rest that gets lost in the white noise. 


The Cosmic Calendar is synced to your desktop and mobile phone calendars and updates every Monday. Once you've subscribed and connected there's nothing more for you to do!


Just open your calendar and receive all the practical & simple Magic I've curated of the sky movements blended with the Liquid Crystal days, keywords & tips to work with.

Your subscription is managed either through credit card or PayPal, take your pick.

It couldn't be easier!

The Cosmic Calendar

 Currently available on these calendar apps 

The Cosmic Calendar



Purchase a monthly Subscription to the Cosmic Calendar via credit card or PayPal. You will be prompted to sign in to your existing member account or create a new one before completing the subscription purchase.


You will be automatically redirected to the calendar connection page where you will choose your calendar application and given an access code - copy the code.


You will be redirected to AddEvent in a new tab. Paste the access code on this screen.


Follow the prompts to complete the connection process on the AddEvent page

  1. Click the blue Follow Calendar button

  2. Enter your name and email address (please use the same as your subscription account) and click the blue Continue button

  3. Subscribe to the Calendar: click the blue Add to Calendar button, select your calendar app and complete the connection prompts from your calendar app (each app is slightly different)


Watch the magic unfold as your calendar syncs The Cosmic Calendar and the updates appear into your weekly and monthly planner!



If you do not get automatically redirected in step 2 please check your email (inbox or junk / spam) as you will have received an automated email with the link to this page.

We are aware of connection issues with the Google calendar. If you have any problem connecting the Cosmic Calendar to your personal calendar please just email me by replying to your subscription confirmation email and me and my tech team will be able to support your with technical difficulties.  

You may need to adjust your calendar preferences to make sure updates automatically sync and you can also turn notifications on in your settings to receive when updates are published into The Cosmic Calendar.

The Cosmic Calendar

I want to keep this succinct & punchy but deep, with many clues & tools

for you to be able to work WITH  what's coming up. 

Forewarned is forearmed right?


Practical Magic is my jam; messages are always hidden in plain sight!

 The Cosmic Calendar can be a great ally & support to prep you for the month ahead. 


I'm so excited!! 


Cost $8 a month

No lock ins, cancel anytime.


Come join us! 


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