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WELCOME Darlings,

I want to hold a potent container  for you, one of practical magic, one where you can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, and know that it’s all at your fingertips.

There is Magic in the Mundane, there truly is, and this 12 month portal is for you if you are READY to not just know the path but to actually walk it. There is a big difference between KNOWING the path and WALKING the path and my deepest desire is to walk alongside you to help you embody the work. It's no longer about "trying" to be spiritual/ authentic, etc,  but just BEING all that you are and showing up every day as that! 

It's time, time to DO THE WORK, actually bypass the fluffy stuff. The "stuff" that makes everything complicated, the stuff that gives you the rules of what "authenticity and spirituality" look like, the rules that say to be successful you need to earn six or seven figures! HELL NO & P.S.....

There is NO workshop that can teach you how to be yourself.  














You are who you've been waiting for, it's always been you! 

In these times we are in being your true self in not only deeply required, it's absolutely necessary, essential!

So, all the tools are great, they really are, the crystals, courses, meditations, oracle cards, positive quotes, but you don’t need to keep distracting yourself with them, relying on them, thinking that THEY will heal you, fix you, make you better, make you more. No more Bali retreats to find yourself, no more readers to tell you your next step. Spiritual escapism is rife right now, the fundamentals are being lost. No more HUMAN-BYPASSING. Being spiritual is easy, its the human part that trips people up!

It's time to find yourself in the everyday, the way you are in the mundane, the way you DO life, THIS is the key to spiritual awakening! 

SIMPLICITY is key...  Applying yourself, self-awareness, self-discipline, self-responsibility, self-reliability, self-honesty, consistency. These all lead to self-mastery. 


I will be busting spiritual myths, giving you very grounded and practical tools, helping you to drop the drama, detach from the delusion that you feed your soul with, and take back full responsibility for your entire life. 

Yes it may be confronting, yes you will need courage, yes you may have to give up the bullshit stories you may be very fond of.

What you will gain is freedom, liberation, alignment to your own self, your own soul, your own truth, and a union so strong with the universe you will be blown away. 

You can take back what you have been giving away, learn about connection to self, how to reclaim your inner magic, self-healing, relying on your own inner resources.. there is SO much to gain!


I will swear, I will cry, maybe even scream with you! This is the deep work here, I'm offering all of me, to you. 

This may not be for you if you like to escape reality, wear rose-coloured glasses to the truth, blame others for how your life is, give others your power, rely on and love all the fluffy spiritual stuff. 

If you want external healing and fixing this is not the program for you! 


This is for you if you are READY to reclaim yourself, stop pussyfooting around and actually create the life you want to live. If you are ready to start trusting the Universe, not just saying you do, if you are READY for change, growth, expansion and simplicity. 


I am SO excited! 


Each month we dive into a different topic, we will discover and uncover a little more about ourselves, our stories, wounds and begin peeling back the layers, trusting more and becoming more in tune with our own internal compass.

It's all about consistency now. No more "sometimes" spiritual, this New Paradigm/ New Earth will only work if you do!



Here is just a little taster of what you can expect,


  • Autumn Equinox 

  • Astrological New Year

  • Introduction's to each others hearts



  • Chiron - get to know your wound 

  • Learn about Chiron, the wounded healer, in your own natal chart


  • Reclaim your inner wild woman. 

  • Let's uncover and heal the broken mother/sister /daughter/wife/friend

  • Archetypes 


  • Winter Solstice 

  • Integration/Reflection



  • Mayan day out of time 

  • Next Dimensional Liquid crystals to connect with


  • 8:8 Gateway

  • Leo season, what lights you up? Time to shine and ROAR!!


  • Spring Equinox


  • 10.10 Gateway


  • 11.11 portal

  • Scorpio Season - Time to reveal more and dive deep



  • Releasing the year

  • Summer Solstice



  • You will receive a masterclass over the holidays


  • Closing ceremony

  • Yearly set-up


These monthly topics are subject to change based on the current astrological energies. Plus there are times where we may need a rest month to integrate & absorb.

This course is in real time!

This 12-month container is Astrology HEAVY.

We move with the seasons of the Sun, the Solar Alchemy, to learn our own cycles & connect to the activations as they unfolding.

This is LIVING & EMBODYING Astrology!


Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 11.40.48 pm.png


What's included in this if you sign up for 12 months is,


  • My 7-week MOD1 Astrology course, with all notes and over 10 hours of videos to teach you this epic cosmic language- Value of $450!

  • A 1 - 2-hour teaching video on the topic/theme for us to work with for the month ahead.                                                (Delivered at the beginning of the month) 

  • A 90 minute LIVE GROUP ZOOM call at the end of the month to drop in and go over the month's teachings.
    ALL VIDEOS remain in the group for the entire 12 months!

  • Access to my astrology based LIVE Masterclasses that I run during the 12 months for FREE. Value over $100. This does not include containers or series-based classes like We are the Witches or any other live class that is not Astrology at the forefront.

  • Access to other pre-recorded Astrology modules if they tie into what I'm teaching.

  • 10% off one 1:1 with me, within the 12 months

  • Access to this deep community of women.

  • Access to ME.

  • My 20 plus years worth of experience in many areas. 

  • Monthly notes.

  • Loads of astrology wisdoms/ teachings/ insights.

  • Deep, raw and honest conversations with me and all the women in this sacred container, without it moving into the area of toxic spiritual goddess circles. This is NOT a container to use for therapy, projections & emotional dumping!

  • Your astrology chart.

  • My yearly Energy Survival Kit digital copy for you to print up and work with, valued at $35.


This group is for growth and for change, not just love bombing and ego boosting!

I am here to walk with you and empower you, but your commitment to yourself is essential. 

Consistency is where it's at!

2024 cohort full. 

2025 EE


Early bird payment of $3000 due by December 31st 2024

Full Price - $3300 if after December 31st

Payment options

  • 1 off payment of $3000 before December 31st 

  • 2 x $1600 payments- 1st one by December 31st/ 2nd one due 1st August

  • Monthly Payments of $275 which is set up as a direct debit  

  • (Note- First monthly payment is due ASAP to secure your place and is non-refundable)

Once commitment has been made there are no refunds or exchanges.

Very limited spaces for this ladies, please email me ASAP if you would like to apply to join!


Of course this is all woven together magically by your participation and I will go wherever we are led to go each month. 

This is the outline, yet in holding no expectations or control I will flow where we need to flow in absolute trust!


There will be liquid crystals, numerology and astrology weaved into almost everything I share as well. 

I want to teach the real, raw, grit of living a life in alignment with the Universe.


Everyday Enlightenment is all about knowing and embodying your human, feeling ALIVE, finding the magic in the mundane, creating a fulfilling and extraordinary life by just being able to walk the path, do the work, practice gratitude, choose joy and BE happy! To know that in the shadow and the light we are whole! 

Let's begin!



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