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© Tiarnie 2018


I am Tiarnie

the creator, weaver and Master of my self, my own tapestry, my own life! I am passionate about life; I live with passion and with purpose each and every day. I believe WE ARE the purpose of our lives, we are the keys, the ones we've been waiting for! As Joseph Campbell says, "The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are" YES, so much YES!

For nearly 20 years THIS has been my way, my path, my medicine and it is my honour, drive and joy to awaken people to their truest potential with self seeking tools such as, astrology, numerology, liquid crystals, self inquiry and so much more! I LOVE to walk hand in hand, heart to heart, with you, leading you back home, where you can call off the search to find yourself, and just show up, and BE yourself.  

We are the creators of our own lives and I believe when we truly know who we are, awaken and live consciously we create phenomenal lives.

“Everything we desire to know we already have within us" 

THIS is the foundation of my work.