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I am Tiarnie

For 20 years I have been wildly, consciously and fiercely curating, creating and mastering my own world. Astrology is my cosmic language, and with many many tools in my toolkit, I believe self awareness, self sovereignty and authenticity are the pillars of self mastery.


I lean into life, every facet of it's messiness and glory. My medicine is me, nothing more, nothing less. 

My joy and passion is to awaken and activate you to remember your magic and to come home to your own medicine and create a solid foundation on which you build your life on!

No fluff, just alchemy!

It's easy to be spiritual, it's the human by-passing that is the problem.

The paradox of being human is glorious, and being a rebellious yet grounded leader is who I am. I'm dangerous & gentle, potty mouthed & big hearted, wild & soft, Pluto & Venus with Lilith and Chiron as my homeboys!  

As a teacher and specialist in my field I believe in practical magic and enlightenment being in the everyday, the most ordinary moments are the most extraordinary! 

I live delicately, with purpose, the cosmos my most trusted ally, and I deeply believe WE ARE the purpose of our lives, WE ARE the keys, the ones we’ve been waiting for! 


As Joseph Campbell says,

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

Everything we desire to know we already have within us,

This is the foundation of my work!


Be brave wilding!

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