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A session with Tiarnie

Come & activate your Astrology chart by knowing it! To understand the map that is your life, your blue print, you can begin to work with the Cosmic Lore & embody your truest nature, gifts & talents. 

We can focus on anything specific you would like to unpack, from Chiron, your sacred wound & alchemy, to your Saturn cycles, the nodes of Karma & Dharma or we can even unlock the basics.

Get to know your Sun/Moon/Rising, its ALL magic!

To know your chart is to know yourself, so we can journey your special chart signatures plus look at what's being activated in real time & prepare you for what's coming up!

I weave 20 plus years of experience into these sessions which includes numerology, magic, ritual, Liquid Crystal prescriptions plus I can hold space & unpack family, children & relationship matters.

I've been a mother for 25 years, over half of my life & been in a sacred union for 23 years.

If you are keen to learn more, check out my Masterclasses page where you can choose to dive deeper & learn more of the language or join a live & interactive class, or if you want to work with me 1:1, contact me in the form below. 

All sessions are done via zoom so you can record & rewatch.

When you don't go within, you go without


Choose your reading


An overview of what is playing out in your chart in real time. Key themes, dates to look out for, energies that are present now & coming up.

Includes transits, progressed Moon phase, annual profection & time lord. This is the ultimate preparation & awareness session

60 minutes || $270



This is great if you are new to astrology to get a feel for your chart as we activate it through the understanding & awareness of your unique signatures. Plus we look at what's ahead.

90 minutes || $385


In-depth business consultation. 

How YOU best do business through your own chart! We unpack your personal signatures around money, talents & values, plus look at your karma & dharma. We unpack the MC, your career angle & its ruler plus look at what's coming up to prep you!  

2 hours || $500


A couples' session looking at the compatibility & dynamics between both charts. 

90mins || $485


Looking at the chart of the relationship itself as a 3rd & separate entity.

Highly recommended after a synastry reading.

60mins || $300

whole family chart sessions by request.

All sessions are online through Zoom where you can record and keep the session to revisit.

*All prices inclusive of GST

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