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This Weeks Horoscopes ✨ June 3rd-June 9th


Please read your rising sign first to get a more accurate energy forecast based on your chart.

Then you can read your Sun sign for more of the macro/collective energies.



50% of the sky is lighting up your zone of mental activity, ideas, thoughts & communication.

You are going to feel busy this month, but this week a new cycle begins with a potent New Moon in Gemini. Information is flooding in. Write out your goals, look at them. Speak them into reality. Messages are landing whilst you are doing the school run or at the post office. With your ruler Mars still in his final days at home, in Aries, you have the energy to take action & move forward! On the 9th Mars shifts into slow & steady Taurus, you too will slow right down. The next 6 weeks your focus will be around your money, talents & values.



It's a big week for you as your ruler Venus meets the Sun in her superior conjunction (cazimi), she's in the heart of the sun, in the underworld & about to rebirth! You may be feeling this strongly as you are plunged to the depths of your own invisibility & rebirth. The new Venus star point is in Gemini where the New Moon is on the 6th activating your zone of core-values, self-worth, money & inner resources. Communication is key! But wait there's more! Mars, Venus’ lover, also shifts signs, into bloody Taurus, on the 9th for the 1st time in 2 years. It's a double rebirth. A new cycle begins. This is a new year, new me moment! Enjoy.



Are you feeling the BIGNESS? With 50% of the sky IN YOUR SIGN, you are morphing, shapeshifting, maybe feeling scattered, energised, wired & tired or right at home. It's your annual New Moon on the 6th PLUS on the 5th a new Venus star point begins in Gemini. This is magical! Rewrite the script. Begin a new cycle of love, self-love, pleasure & joy. Become who you want to be. Start again. Rebirth & burn off the dross of the past. When Mars enters your zone of the unconscious on the 9th you will feel a stirring within, maybe a restlessness; you are being called to slow down & devote yourself to a spiritual practice. Meditation & nature will be your closest allies during this 6-week transit!



With a plethora of planets in curious & cerebral Gemini activating your zone of secrets, seclusion & spirituality your mind is buzzing like a beehive, but you are also feeling the need to retreat. How are you sleeping? You must look after yourself. Good sleep is important right now so get off the devices, take some magnesium & get into some good bedtime routines. With a new moon & new Venus star point in this zone you may feel a desire to work behind the scenes, to commit to a new spiritual routine or to be of service. You may also feel like you want to be alone, honour whatever arises for you. A new surge of energy invigorates your area of goals, aspirations & community from the 9th as Mars moves into grounded Taurus. Take realistic action to reach success!



Ideals, hopes, wishes & dreams are on your mind Leo rising! This Gemini season is on steroids, like 50% of the damn sky is in Gemini & has got you thinking about your future, your community, your legacy. The mind is brimming with ideas that you want to chat about. Call in your friends & share your visions! With a New Moon AND New Venus star point in Gemini, this seeds a new cycle of passions & intentions & gives you great mental abundance to plan for your future. Foresight & bigger perspective is everything right now. A slow flood of tenacity & ambition comes with Mars shifting into your career zone for the 1st time in 2yrs! A drive to get ahead & get solid success can be achieved!



Biz, goals & career are getting LIT AF for you right now with a stellium of planets in Gemini bringing all of your attention to your work & future. The New Moon & Venus star point this week highlight what needs to be purged & rebirthed in your career. Old outworn ideals & goals need to be released; you are going through a career rebirth! Seed some new intentions & declare what you want. Gemini is all about communication, & Mercury rules both your chart AND your career angle. Communication is important & some big opportunities may be opening up for you around travel, expansion, teaching or even a change in direction. Your mind is a hive of ideas right now. Be clear & ask for what you want.



Your mind is a like sponge right now & you may be attracted to diving into learning something new, expanding your consciousness, travel, study, writing, podcasting or anything that involves mental stimulation. The New Moon & Venus star point both in Gemini this week trigger brand new cycles, this is important for you too as Venus is your ruling planet & whilst she is rebirthing in the heart of the Sun on the 5th you may have some epiphanies & aha moments. You are definitely going through a mental upgrade right now. Revelations abound! Take care of your mental health. The seeds you sow now are carving out your future path!



Mars, lord of war, action, sex & assertion moves into your relationship zone on the 9th for the 1st time in 2 years which could be raunchy or rivalry. Mars in Taurus is in exile & asks you to choose peace over fighting, but also watch holding your anger in until you explode. Find healthy ways to express yourself. Sex can be a great release! Relationships will be a huge theme for you for the next 6 weeks so choose your battles wisely! A New Moon in your zone of intimacy, magic, transformation & others resources hits on the 6th beginning a new cycle for you.

Words & communication are key here. Journal if you need just express yourself!



Daily routines amp up as Mars moves into your zone of health, habits & home rituals on the 9th for the 1st time in 2 yrs! This can be the kickstart you need to commit to some new health goals, to get into some solid routines & look at the ways in which you show up in service. Are they fulfilling & rewarding for you? A New Moon & Venus star point happens in your opposing sign of Gemini this week activating your relationship zone. This could feel like a relationship rebirth, burn off the dross of the past & start a new cycle. Communication is key here. Speaking up & healing any communications issues you may have in your partnership.



Do you need some hedonistic fun Cappys? Well Mars in Taurus entering your zone of pleasure, leisure, hobbies, romance & flirty sexy times for the 1st time in 2yrs should give you that boost. Mars in Taurus is ALL about food, sex, long slow mornings, Netflix & chill; just what the doctor ordered right? For the next 6 weeks prioritise this in your own life. If you are single, you might have a passionate karmic love affair! With 50% of the sky in mutable Gemini, including a New Moon on the 6th, in your zone of health & routines you are being schooled on staying flexible!

This week let go of looping ideas & thinking about what you want to do & start doing it.

Change is the only consistent thing right now for you.



60% of the sky is in air signs right now, so, whatcha thinkin about? Are you feeling creative?

Is your mind pinging with ideas, new goals & expanded visions? With a New Moon & Venus star point in your zone of romantic karma, play & children this week you are starting a new cycle. Maybe a new lover enters. Perhaps it's time to start a fun new art project, have fun with the kids or is it time for you to enjoy a hobby, just because it lights you up? Flirt with life darling!

Home & family get an injection of energy & possibly angst over the next 6 weeks as Mars, God of war & action, enters this zone for the 1st time in 2 yrs. It's a good time to get renovations done but watch family conflict!



Ok Pisces rising, the base of your chart, literally the roots & foundation of your life, is being activated with 50% of the sky in Gemini- so you are thinking about a LOT! Deep soul stirrings, perhaps an inner restlessness. Are you moving, building, selling your home? Your mental energy is occupied with family situations & your home life. The Gemini New Moon on the 6th begins a new cycle. What are you seeding with your thoughts & words? Words are magic! If this week feels intense & your energy feels scattered, get your body on the Earth. Meditate. Go for a magnesium float. Plan & get organised. You're going through a purification, tend to yourself gently.



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