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March 2019 - VLOG

My latest VLOG

March VLOG done and on a very potent Black Obsidian day! Whoaaaa!! I LOVED sharing all this with you.

I'm calling March, Mindful Madness

with the only mantra that fits this very slippery month...

"Expect the unexpected"!!!!!

You will need to keep your wits about you in March because this shit be getin crazy! With Mercury retrograde in Pisces, as well as Uranus moving into Taurus after 84 years, yep........ 8 4 Y E A R S!!! My advice is S L O W & F L O W......

Surrender, let go, dont react, go within. YOU are your strongest ally! Anchor in my darling friends!

Enjoy my fierce and passionate heart sharings and may March unfold exactly as it's meant to. Bless bless bless xo


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