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Tue, 09 July



Astrology Awareness Foundation - MOD 1

Online read your own Astrology Chart

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Astrology Awareness Foundation - MOD 1
Astrology Awareness Foundation - MOD 1

October 2021

09 July 2019, 11:11 am – 20 Aug 2019, 11:11 pm




Since I was 9 years old Astrology has been my everything; I feel astrology with every cell of my being, it's the only language I understand; its like air to me!

We literally are the planets in motion!

Reading your own chart is such an important tool in your life, it is a tool of self-discovery, to truly and deeply understand thy self. It's your blueprint, your own unique map, which honestly is THE best therapy/healer you can have access to...


Like J P Morgan says, "Millionaires don't use astrology, billionaires do"!

This is because it's magic, it's the secret language of the Universe, it literally is Alchemy!

So we start from the beginning, getting the foundation right is the key in a solid Astrology practice, well it's the key in life really, and as astrology is so intricate we must have a basic understanding of the 3 fundamentals...

○ Planets ○ Signs ○ Houses ○

So this is where we start, developing our relationship with these 3 major players, we will also chat elements and angular houses!

My core intention from this workshop is that you can decipher your own chart and have a solid foundation of the true basics of astrology. For me astrology seems so simple, just like adding 1+1+1. I want you too, to experience the ease before you dive deeper because the astrolgy rabbit hole is infinite. You may wish to study further or just do this 1st foundational course, so I want to set you up really well before you spread your astrology wings.🦋

This is all done online and held from a Facebook private group, where each Tuesday you will receive the weekly notes and weekly teaching video, these videos are between 1- 2hrs, then we have a live call the following week, giving you 6 days to dive into each week's content.

The live call is around an hour, where we chat about the weeks topics plus I answer questions and just go wherever we are led. The live videos have proven to be bloody informative too, I'm SUCH an oversharer! Ha

I am also VERY active in the facebook group too, as you can imagine, astrology is my EVERYTHING!!

😍 Plus of course you will be emailed a copy of your natal chart 🌙


6 weeks


$385 if paid in full or in 2 payments of $192.50


$72 a week

I seriously can not wait to go on this journey with you, your own journey of unravelling and connecting deeper with who you really are! It's a bloody joy watching people light up like a Christmas tree as they start to understand more about who they are!

It brings me so much pleasure!

There will be limited places as I wish to keep our weekly group connection intimate so each person really has a chance to participate and get all the support they need during the course!

The time is NOW to master yourself and as we are entering astrological times that have not been seen or experienced in hundreds of centuries, it truly is the time to know thyself, be prepared and have astrological awareness, which really feels like a superpower!

Astrology is everything and I'm a serious astronerd!

Let's do this! Sign up today ⚓🌈

**Please email me via the contact page if you would like to discuss securing your spot with a deposit and alternate payment arrangements. I'd love to keep this all as streamlined as possible on here, but always want to support people to get involved the best I can.

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