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We are the Witches- Medusas Mansion

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Come on a rich & potent journey to explore the medicine of Medusa, her myth, her story, her legacy! This is the opening class for my WE ARE THE WITCHES series & I am SO excited to be kicking off with this glorious Witch, Medusa! The reason I have been deeply called/summoned to hold this container is due to the rare alignment of Uranus to the fixed star Algol this year which hasn't happened since 1941/1942, yep it's that huge, the energy in the build-up is profound, I've been waiting for this alignment for years! We will come together over 4 weeks, in 4 live classes (replays will be available) in July as Uranus exactly hits Algol, PLUS, Mars just happens to be hitting both Algol & Uranus for the first time in 2 years! Its WILD! You cannot make this UP! I've chosen all dates deliberately as we journey into this mansion together! We must harness the power of this alignment, which we will never experience again in our lives, through the exploration of the Medusa story & Algol in our own charts! Honestly, my whole body is vibrating with excitement to bring this to you all! Algol is a fixed star, said to be the demon star, however, it actually holds enormous power & protection! I will be talking about Algol & Medusa deeply in this container, looking at where Algol shows up in your own chart to explore this medicine in your own life. Even if you don't have a planet conjunct Algol this can be a potent container of remembering your inherent Witch nature. I have my chart ruler exactly conjunct Algol, in the house that rules the Witch & Witch wound, so I AM Medusa, & the Algol story has played out in my life profoundly. It's been massively destructive & nearly brought me to the brink of destroying my whole life! We will also be journeying with Pegasus, who is born from Medusa & a special Liquid Crystal that will hold & connect us to Pegasus medicine! OMG, I can't wait! So, a little parcel will be coming your way once you sign up before we kick off. Is she calling your name?




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