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Come on an untamed, wild journey into the heart & codes of Lilith. This container is an experience to embody & feel, not just "know". We will dive deep into Lilith terrain for an entire month as the planets align with Lilith in Leo in divine & rare line up. We have Lilith in Leo, which hasn't happened in 9 years, Mars in Leo which hasn't happened in 2 years & Venus in Leo who happens to spend 4 months in Leo due to her upcoming retrograde in July!! Whoa! The fact that this is happening all at once is absolutely remarkable. We will be tapping into the Leo Alchemy, the creative fire, in the heart of the Solstice gateway when the Moon also moves into Leo & a massive conjunction is made. It's bloody mind blowing! I have unlocked some Liquid Crystal MAGIC which aligns to the Tree of Life & the Tree of Shadows, all connected to Lilith & I can't wait to share it! Over the month of June, we will meet for 4 live calls, Thursday nights, the replays are available if you can't attend live, & we will anchor into the Lilith codes, explore her story, learn the Liquid Crystals that connect to her Tree of Life cities, look at her in our charts, plus so much more. Lapis Lazuli is Snake Medicine and connects deeply with Lilith so of course she will be our guide. If you wish to journey the Lapis Lazuli Liquid Crystal through the month of June PLEASE contact me as I need to get that posted to you, this option is only available within Australia. (extra $) Is Lilith calling you?




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