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Exploring the Gemini house- WATCH REPLAY NOW

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Jupiter enters Gemini for the first time in 12 years on May 26th where he will stay for 12 months amplifying all things Gemini, the human sign of the twins! Whatever sign Jupiter moves through annually he makes bigger & brings more awareness & energy to. Think MORE information, MORE mis-information, MORE networking, chatting, learning, discovering, more data, facts & truth. But what is truth? Jupiter is a planet of truth, higher truth & while Jupiter looks boldly at life, the future, the bigger picture & what's ahead, Gemini likes to focus on discernment, intelligence & details, so this combination will be interesting. It is a big part of the Gemini house story for us on a micro level though! Our Gemini house over the past few years has had a plethora of transits activating it, which I will be going into detail in in this class, & now Jupiter's ingress expands & preps us for a major shift in reality & consciousness, especially with Uranus ALSO about to enter Gemini- for the first time in over 80yrs! It doesn't matter if you have planets in Gemini or not, I mean if you do, you do NOT want to miss this one, but we all have a house which represents a theme in our life that is ruled by Gemini. It could be your relationship zone, health, career or finances, & I'm putting this class together for us all as we slip stream into a new consciousness, to prepare you for where this future awakening is happening for you! Its big & takes us into a future we may not even know is possible! This is a class for EVERYONE. I want to unpack LOTS, as only a Mercury in Gemini native knows how, ha, to allow you to tap into this energy now & what's incoming! Come & join me! I'm so darn pumped for this class!




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