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New Moon Magic Manifesting! WATCH REPLAY NOW.

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This New Moon is manifestation ON STEROIDS! It's the first lunation in months that we can properly work with AND it's exalted in Taurus, the sign that IS the manifestor! If you have yet to set your new year up, this is the moon to tap into! It seriously is the "luckiest" most supportive New Moon of 2024! All this Taurus energy is grounding, fertile & stabilising yes, however the rare magi we have in the skies supporting this New Moon is something that we will NEVER experience again in our lives. Yep, it's that big! We have annual New Moons in Taurus of course but what makes this one extra extra is the ruler of the Moon, Lady Venus, happens to be at home in Taurus too, as a matter of fact, BOTH benefic planets (Venus & Jupiter) are in Taurus AND we are still under the incredible revolutionary spell of the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. You can feel it right? I can feel it IN MY BONES! We want to make the most of this! Jupiter will not be in Taurus again for 12 more years & we will NEVER experience this Jupiter/Uranus alignment in Taurus ever! So this class it's not just a masterclass but a manifesting circle! Yep, you KNOW I wouldn't hold something like this usually, but I HAVE to! It also happens to be my solar return & the New Moon hits my Sun EXACTLY! We will be harnessing the power of the Jupiter/Uranus energy & seeding this new 14 year cycle PLUS work with the New Moon herself! Come & join this cauldron! We will unpack Taurus themes & locate your own Taurus house so you can get the most from this energy! It will be a deep ritual. Come prepared. Carve this time out for yourself. Have your natal chart, pen, paper, candles ready & set yourself up an altar in ode to Venus. Think beauty; flowers, oils, incense of Tabacco/rose & a crystal that you can program to work with. I am SO excited to be holding this one! LIVE CLASS MAY 8 7pm-9pm aest Replay will be available




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