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Sacred Places of the Goddess Asteroid Masterclass

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Sacred Places of the Goddess Exploring the 4 main feminine asteroids & their archetypes. Tiarnie and Mikailah (Star Witch Astrology) have curated this gorgeous series diving into the four main asteroids; Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta. Through conversation and connection these teachings take you into the heart and archetype of each Goddess for you to tune into them in your own chart. Exquisitely put together in a stunning and easy format, once purchased you will recieve instant access to all four teaching videos, plus a welcome video and notes to accompany each asteroid teaching. We invite you to write your findings and tune into how these four asteroids are activated and playing out in your own chart. Enjoy diving into the divine feminine and adding a yummy layer to the understanding of your natal chart!




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