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Nodes in Aries & Libra. WATCH NOW!

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I'm SO excited about this masterclass & this bloody nodal shift! We've moved through the death portal of the Scorpio/Taurus axis & now the energy is going to shift dramatically! We have not had the North Node in Aries & South Node in Libra since 2004! The Aries/Libra axis is potent, it represents the 1st & 7th houses which are the ascendant & descendant angles. They show the way we interact with our environment, our marriage, the people we attract, our projections, ourSELVES & attitude toward all things relationships. This axis will really activate relationship Karma & will trigger new relationship boundaries, bonds, expectations & energetic exchanges. It will be healing & revealing, not a time to project your unhealed wounds onto others, that will not work. We enter the Dragons mouth, Rahu-the North Node, quite literally though, as Aries is a fire sign! I've named this portal, Lovers Lane, as we will be looking to Venus & Mars, the lovers, as they are the rulers of this nodal transit. In this class we will explore the nodes, the Aries/Libra axis plus I will show you where this transit will be happening in your own chart, so please head on over to to get a copy of your natal chart. Knowing the micro theme of the next 18 months of Eclipses is crucial! If you have your nodes in Aries & Libra I will go over the nodal & half nodal return plus share all the regular juicy downloads I get to prep you for this next epic cycle! July 26th 7pm-9pm AEST




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