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You WANT to be in the KNOW for this Eclipse season baby! We enter the wormhole of a pretty gnarly set of Eclipses from the 15th of October, so join me on a VERY special evening to prepare, & by special I really mean it! The eve of the Venus gate, Lilith at anaretic 00 Virgo, the 10.10 portal & Clear Quartz Day! GAH! An upside down highly karmic Eclipse season- think Eclipse season ON STEROIDS, due to the huge theme of release, purge & completion, like never before. We are closing out the last 18-month cycle of the Taurus/Scorpio Eclipses which we won't see again for nearly 10 years!! PLUS, the Solar Eclipse is actually on the South Node- we are being stripped bare! I can feel this one in my bones! Let go or be dragged comes to mind! Evolve or repeat- but foreverrrrrrrr... Like Dr Strange constantly showing up to the darkness over & over & over & over & over again... you get the drift. Meet your darkness or be trapped in these self-perpetuating loops. Eclipses obscure light & bring great transformation through upheaval, unexpected events, chaos & bloody delight. Eclipses shake us & awaken us like lightening in our energy field; they are VISCERAL AF! Both Eclipses are ruled by Venus & we meet on the 3rd eye Venus gate to get things rolling- se(e)riously! I have SO much to share around the aspects, signatures & cosmic messages of these 2 Eclipses, so join us to find out where they are unfolding in your own chart, what to look out for & be prepped for! I'M SO PUMPED



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