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Everyday Enlightenment

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WELCOME Darlings, I want to hold a potent container for you, one of practical magic, one where you can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary & know that it’s all at your fingertips. The Magic is IN the Mundane, & this 12-month portal is for you if you are READY to not just know the path but to actually walk it. There is a big difference between KNOWING the path and WALKING the path & my deepest desire is to walk alongside you to help you embody the work. It's no longer about "trying" to be spiritual/ authentic, etc, but just BEING all that you are & showing up every day as that! It's time, time to DO THE WORK, actually bypass the fluffy stuff. The "stuff" that makes everything complicated, the stuff that gives you the rules of what "authenticity and spirituality" look like, the rules that say to be successful you need to earn six or seven figures! HELL NO & P.S-There is NO workshop that can teach you how to be yourself. YOU ARE IT! In this 12-month cauldron we follow the alchemy of light, The Sun, Ra, Apollo, as he guides us though our own charts. This container is ASTROLOGY heavy, as I want to teach you to not only learn the cosmic language but to experience it. To embody astrology is the goal & to embody your own chart through what's happening in the here & now gives you a superpower!! To read more please head to the Astrology tab above & click on Everyday Enlightenment underneath. This work is not for the faint hearted, it requires your participation. I'm ready, are you?



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