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Astrology Awareness Foundations Course - Module 1

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Since I was 9 years old, Astrology has been my everything. I feel astrology with every cell of my being, it's like air to me!  We literally are the planets in motion. Reading your own chart is such an important tool in your life. It is a tool of self-discovery, and truly and deeply understanding thyself. It's your blueprint, your own unique map which honestly is THE best therapy/healer you can have access to.. YOUR OWN SELF!  So, within this Astrology Awareness Foundations course, we start from the beginning, getting the foundation right is the key in a solid Astrology practice, well it's the key in life really, and as astrology is so intricate we must have a basic understanding of the 3 fundamentals... ○ Planets ○ Signs ○ Houses ○ So this is where we start, developing our relationship with these 3 major players, and of course I will go over elements and angular houses too.  I want you too, to experience the ease before you dive deeper, because the astrology rabbit hole is infinite. You may wish to study further or just do this initial foundations course, so I want to set you up well before you spread your astrology wings!   You will receive 7 recorded teaching videos from me and beautifully designed information/workbooks to print and work through. This information is yours forever. You can revisit it as many times as you wish. You will also learn how to access a copy of your own chart 🌙 




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