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We are the Witches- Persephone & Ceres 22 August 6pm-9pm

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I'm so excited to be crafting this incredible class around the exploration of Ceres & her daughter Persephone. This is my second class in the, WE ARE THE WITCHES series, so if you have joined Medusas Mansion you will receive 50% off this class. Please directly message me to receive the discount code. I'm calling in an entire cohort of women to journey the entire series with me. It feels so lush! We are remembering our inherent Witch archetype, we are coming home to the magic, the myth, the mystery, & even the ugly truth of our own wounds, the pe, where we still hang ourselves, & THIS is why I have put this series together! I thought it was of great value to dive into the mother/daughter & father/daughter archetypes where most people carry some form of story, attachment, pain, or trauma. Did you exile from your mother at will? Did your father abandon you? Did you feel smothered by your mother? Did you run away from home? I want to plunge deeply into these issues, plus so much more of course! In this class of myth & magic we will dive into these 2 archetypes of Ceres, the Mother & Persephone, the maiden who then goes on to be Queen of the Underworld. We will unpack & unlock where Ceres & Persephone are in your own natal chart which can not only reveal your story but also help you heal this story, to understand it & better navigate this path you chose. Yes, we all chose our parents & our birth charts & beginning to embody them which in turn then liberates us from the confines & shackles of them truly frees us. We will be speaking into themes around abandonment, isolation, the overbearing Mother, the absent Father plus recreating & dissecting the myth itself. We all have very unique stories around this theme & the myth will play out differently for all of us. I am so excited for this class!! Wait until you hear my Ceres & Persephone placements! Do you have a strong story with Persephone & Ceres? If so, come join us, feel the pull & accept her call.



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