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I have a VERY potent offering, one I am SO EXCITED about! 


This is a deep 12 month container of potency, magic and friggen alchemy! 
The every day IS the magic and this is what I've been mastering for 20 years! 
My mastery is around bringing the alchemy, the tools and all the wisdoms from the Universe into my everyday life. 
It's so easy to be pulled into the illusion of the spiritual "events" the courses and doing all the things; Spiritual escapism is rife, but that is not reality!

There is a BIG difference between KNOWING the path & WALKING the path! 

This is practical magic! 

REAL-ity... The word evokes what is real and what is real is grocery shopping, taking the kids to their sport, paying bills and deciding what to have for dinner! 

REAL IS GOOD, it's GREAT! Its abundant, full of joy, Universal messages, and so much magic! Why people want to escape is beyond me! 

This 12 month portal takes you deep into your own world, where in the ordinary you will discover the extraordinary! 

Every month we dive into the energies, from Mayan day out of time, to sostices, equinoxes, of course it's full of astrology, numerology, liquid crystals, monthly activities and I have some INCREDIBLE topics we will be diving into.
One month I want to dive into Chiron in the astrology chart, Chiron is the wounded healer and is shaped like a key becasuse he is literally the key to unlock our chart! We will look at your own chiron so you can turn those wounds into your medicine! 
Another month we will be reclaiming our inner wild woman, warrioress, tapping into our pleasures, reclaiming our inner-tuition (intuition), declaring our WOMBAN! We will dive into the broken mother/friend/daighter/sister/friend... This month is going to be amazing! You will learn...

♤ To detach from the drama & the delusion 
♤ Stop the stories 
♤ Practice spirituality with grounded tools, awareness & honesty 
♤ The work starts where you ARE
♤To show up in ALL of it, not just when everything is manifesting and rainbows!    
♤ You are the key, your choices err day create your reality


Oh there is SO much we are going to unpack, lean into and discover! 

I will be breaking spiritual myths and saying fuck! 

If you are craving change, and wanting to put all the tools to practice, this is the portal for you!

This is a sacred vessel, limited places available, and if you feel like you could be one of them and are feeling drawn to work with me closely please message me! 

This is not for everyone and we will dive into why this would be a good fit for you! 

Start date is the astrological new year, Equinox, as the Sun moves into Aries!
20th of March, the astrology chart for this day is EPIC too by the way! 

I am busting at how exciting this is going to be! 

Apply now by contacting me and I will pop you on my list and reconnect with much more info in the new year!

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