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Love & Death Portal - Nodal Masterclass

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Buckle up as the North and South Nodes move into fixed signs Taurus and Scorpio. The Nodes are karmic and dharmic. Having pluto rule the South Node is going to be bloody EPIC! There is no more perfect time to prepare you and to dive into this nodal vortex! We better be prepared coz this shit gonna be B I G! We will unpack what this shift means on the macro then I will go through how this will play out in the houses so you can apply it individually to your own chart! The micro affects the macro, we must know our charts!!! Plus if you are heavy fixed chart, have Venus or Pluto as your chart ruler or strong Taurus & Scorpio signatures, you don't want to miss this! But it affects everyone, so really, just come along. This transit hasn't happened in nearly 20 years! I can't wait to share all this nodal juice with you!




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