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2023 Spilling the Astro Tea. ACCESS REPLAY IMMEDIATELY!

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For the first time EVER, I'm bringing this annual workshop I've been doing for nearly 10 years online!! I'm so excited! 2023 is a doozy darlings & I cannot WAIT to spill the astro tea to you all! You want to be prepared, aware & ready! In this online cosmic cauldron I will chat some of the overall themes of 2023 from the Numerology, Chinese Year & the channelled Liquid Crystals to work with plus the majority of this workshop will be in mapping out some of the biggest Astrology signatures of the year in your own chart! Find out what houses (themes), in your own life these HUGE astro shifts will be activating for you! We will cover: Pluto in Aquarius- for the first time EVER in our lives! Jupiter in Taurus- 12 years in the making. Saturn in Pisces- 30 years in the making. Eclipses & Nodal axis shift- 19 years in the making. Venus retrograde & Lilith in Leo. I will share these signature Astrology transits so you can personally map them out in your own birth chart to be ready to navigate these huge cosmic times. You will need to go to to bring up your natal chart to work with. Grab your coloured pens, a notebook for all the 'aha' moments, & have your printed natal chart ready to go! This is for any level of Astrology awareness as I will go over what each house represents & be sharing my screen with my own astrology chart for you to follow along & reference. Zoom // Tuesday December 20




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