The Great Crumbling - The Great Awake 
Saturn Conjunct Pluto!

This is a time to be aware, be very aware. I have put together a masterclass to arm you with the awareness. To forewarn you which forearms you for this very monumental time. We are in epic energies and this great conjunction of Saturn & Pluto, which happens approximately every 36/37 years but hasn't happened in the sign of Capricorn since the 1500s, is upon us, it's already here, and on some level in your life I'm sure you are feeling the enormity of it!


In January of 2020, The Great Awake, this great conjunction hits exactly, and 2019 will all of a sudden make sense! The day is VERY powerful, but so are the days leading up to it! I want to take you deeper into this wormhole, deeper into these planets, into this Capricorn energy and show you individually where this is playing out in your own chart!

I will chat about the houses of the chart so you know where this energy is unfolding and what area of your life is being affected, and I will give you the information to get your own chart if you don't already have yours.

You will have full access to the Masterclass. On purchasing/ registering, you will receive two PDF documents with everytihng you need to know to get ready for the masterclass as well as a workbook.

This topic is so profound and very important. I want everyone to know WHERE & HOW this is affecting you all individually. 


The Great Awake is NOW!

Saturn conjunct Pluto Masterclass