I am so excited to announce the pre-release of my very first book, Everyday Enlightenment! I feel so honoured to have birthed her through me in the whirlwind of a year, 2020. She's been in my energy field for a decade and I knew she would choose the perfect time to be released!

It's bold & courageous, audacious & irreverent, yet full of reverence, full of laughs and full of my own mastery, which is embodying the Magic in the Mundane. It's not another self help book! It's permission to take your mask off and be spiritual the way YOU want to be!

It takes courage to be who you really are and my deepest prayer is always that people come home to themselves. SO, this special offer I have is for the first 100 copies Of my book. The first 100 to purchase my book, through me, will receive it personally handwrapped, signed, with an extra little gift. After the full release of her, mid-February 2021, the book will be available for purchase globally on platforms like Amazon, Lulu ect. But the first 100 get the extra special touches and love from me, to say thank you! My heart is overflowing right now. Thankyou for your support!

"Tiarnie passionately shares her 20 plus years’ worth of knowledge and

experience in mastering magic and living an enlightened life all whilst

doing the dishes and listening to birdsong.

She believes life is simple, alchemical and one big ceremony.

She wants this book to be a portable life coach, an awakener, a soul

nourisher, and balm for your soul.

Let it be a declaration and permission slip to remove your mask, drop into

something more comfortable, like your authentic self.

She provides humour and irreverence, yet deep nuggets of wisdom

to comfort you when you feel fixed, rigid, stuck or judged on your own

spiritual journey.


She is out of the box audacious, plays by her own rules, yet lives with deep

respect, reverence, and integrity.


She is all she knows how to be, Tiarnie"

Everyday Enlightenment


    Please select 'local pick-up' if you live local to me and would like to pick-up from Kallangur QLD. 



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