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My annual overviews are ready to roll & are here to prep you personally for what will be unfolding in 2025!


I dedicate the last quarter of the year weaving magic & recording these for you, & I just LOVE it! 


I have been offering these for a decade now & its my greatest joy being able to tune in & share what energies will be playing out for you in the new year so you can navigate your year with intention, direction, dedication, awareness & a solid understanding of what themes will be highlighted. 


Foresight is a superpower!


Arm yourself with the awareness to work WITH the energies personally, as opposed to tapping into the collective white noise! 


2025 is next level, you want to be prepared!


My overviews sell out every single year, with a waitlist (so grateful) & I have people booked in every year until one of us dies. 

Which I find sweet! 8th house life much! Haha.


These overviews are based on YOUR own birth chart transits, numerology & the liquid crystal that is active for you!


I chat about the eclipses & where they will be impacting you, the Mercury retrogrades, your annual profection, time lord, plus I just give loads of rad advice on working with the cosmos.


The transits are your own rites of passage & some of us will never experience what you do!


It's so bloody special!


Your 2025 overview is pre-recorded, so you dont need to carve out a time to sit with me, & I send you the link so you can listen & watch as many times as you desire. 


There is also a sweet pdf you can print up to take notes as you watch your personalised video!


The feedback blows me away, & some people watch them 20 times during the year!!!! 


I'm already half booked up darlings, so DM me if you want to lock one in!


The recordings will be delivered by December 21st. 


Eeekkk... I can't wait to hold this space for you if you are called!


Bless, Tiarnie XO

2025 Yearly Overview

GST Included
  • Once commitment / purchase has been made there are no refunds or exchanges.

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