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The 2023 Energy Survival Kit feels like the best one YET! Over 200 pages of in-depth energetic insights to guide you through the VERY big terrain!

To be prepared is to be aware, and trust me, you wanna know what's ahead!!

From monthly Astrological overviews, the New & Full Moon dates, mantras, theme words, a tarot card plus an overview calendar of all the planetary movements, it's packed to the BRIM with goodness! Each month there are questions for you to dive into plus I have curated some rad Oracle spreads for the Solstice & Equinox gateways & Mercury retrogrades! The entire front section is dedicated to releasing the year that has been, calling in the year ahead, a 12 month Oracle spread plus all the 2023 major Astrology signatures, Numerology, Liquid Crystals & Chinese New Year info you can handle! It has seriously got a bit of EVERYTHING!!

This 12 month companion comes in two sizes, as well as being available in digital format. You can purchase the travel and super handy A5 version, or if you love and need lots of space to write, the A4 is for you! Check the online store for more details on the printed versions if you feel that's more for you!

2023 and beyond everything is shifting, rapidly and understanding the sky weather and energetics can give you clarity, insight and keep you grounded in such uncertain times. The 2023 Energy Survival Kit is like a 12 month workshop, she's your companion, she's deep, honest, raw and made for you! This is my soul's work and I'm so humbled for you to journey with her.Work with her, enjoy her immensely, live your life because life is fragile. This all ends!

Be brave & have a phenomenal 2023!

Bless bless, Tiarnie XO

What people are saying - reviews from previous editions...

"It’s the first thing I’ve ever stuck with. I have used it every single month . Love it! Love reflecting each month, love the free writing page and the questions, love the goal settings. Can’t think of anything I didn’t like." - Mel Harrison

"I loved so much about it. So simple and easy to use, great info on each month and loved the liquid crystal! Loved all the prompts for writing and always used the free writing as a journal space at the end of each month xoxoxo." - Amy Walker

"If you are anything like me, you love the idea of following the moon, planets and astrology as we move through the year. Also, if anything like me - can never quite work out which moon is when, and what it means in reality. Tiarnie's Energy Survival Kits are chock full of astrological readings & key dates, with plenty of space to journal, goal setting & how to survive the ever changing world". - Cassandra

"I LOVE my 2021 Energy Survival Kit. It’s my goal setting, pre-warning, cosmos infused, re-setting, reflecting space all in one book. I also love being able to see how far I’ve come by flicking back over my earlier entries. A nice reminder in this current climate that I don’t have to travel far to actually travel some big distances." - Shelley

“What I love about Tiarnie's Energy Survival Kit...... So much information! Month by month it brings awareness of where I am at, what I need to work on or why I am feeling the feels. By looking at the month ahead and mind mapping, it gives me some direction and understanding. With plenty of questions for clarity along the way. I used to do this kind of thing with random notes here and there. No more lost notes when you have this kit! I highly recommend the Energy Survival Kit!” - Kelley

2023 Energy Survival Kit - Digital Copy

GST Included
  • The 2023 Energy Survival Kit is 212 pages and has been designed to be printed A4. 

    *This is the digital version of the 2023 Energy Survival Kit. Please note that the video displayed above is of the physical copy of the book to provide you a visual of the content within the 2023 Energy Survival Kit. The 2023 digital version is non-refundable.

    2023 Energy Survival Kit is subject to copyright.

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