This beautiful 12 month workbook is filled with over 150 pages of information on the 2021 energies in all it's facets. An overview of 2021 in Numerology, Astrology signatures and Chinese Astrology plus channelled liquid crystals to work with too.

Space for reflection of 2020 and the letting go and release of the year that has been. Declare and call in your 2021, plus journal your 12 month Oracle spread to set up your year ahead! A monthly overview and questions to reflect on, all related to the energies that will be unfolding, plus space for you to write, plan, plot and play. Equinox and Solstices spreads; Gah, she's powerfully simple and jam packed full of tools for you to work with!

She's a 12 month workshop at your fingertips.
She is your companion!

Made with passion, heart, powerful love and the intention to arm you with awareness to be prepared to work WITH the Universe, in co-creation.

Being prepared is being empowered! Enjoy her so much!

What people are saying - reviews from previous editions...

"It’s the first thing I’ve ever stuck with. I have used it every single month . Love it! Love reflecting each month, love the free writing page and the questions, love the goal settings. Can’t think of anything I didn’t like." - Mel Harrison​​​​​​

​"I loved so much about it. So simple and easy to use, great info on each month and loved the liquid crystal! Loved all the prompts for writing and always used the free writing as a journal space at the end of each month xoxoxo." - Amy Walker

2021 Energy Survival Kit - Digital Copy

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  • The 2021 Energy Survival Kit is 160 pages (80 pages when printed double sided) and has been designed to be printed A4.  If you aren't a pen to paper kind of person, you can also write directly into the e-kit on your computer or device.

    *This is the digital version of the 2021 Energy Survival Kit. Please note that the video displayed above is of the physical copy of the book to provide you a visual of the content within the 2021 Energy Survival Kit.

    2021 Energy Survival Kit is subject to copyright.