Back for another year, My Energy Survival Guide!
I believe the year doesn’t make us, but we make the year! We are the key to our own lives, the common denominator. It is up to us to create, co-create and write our own lives! This journal is led from my soul. It’s full of all the juicy tools I personally work with every day, every month, every year and have been doing so for over a decade! I believe life is simple and this is exactly what I intend for this journal. It’s simple, not full of rules where you have to honour the moon in a certain way, or cleanse your crystals in a certain way, this journal is for you, yours in your own way to work with. With a fresh new vibe and SO much more content, I have created tools for you to reflect on, given you awareness, journal prompts, individual energy messages for each month, liquid crystal wisdom, and jam packed so much astrology goodness!

 Enjoy, dig deep, stay true to yourself and allow 2020 to be THE year to self-mastery.

What people are saying - reviews from previous editions...

"It’s the first thing I’ve ever stuck with. I have used it every single month . Love it! Love reflecting each month, love the free writing page and the questions, love the goal settings. Can’t think of anything I didn’t like." - Mel Harrison

"I loved so much about it. So simple and easy to use, great info on each month and loved the liquid crystal! Loved all the prompts for writing and always used the free writing as a journal space at the end of each month xoxoxo." - Amy Walker


  • The 2020 Energy Survival Kit has been designed to be printed A4, making this very easy to print at home, but I must say she is absolutely beautiful printed and properly bound. 

    2020 Energy Survival Kit is subject to copyright.

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