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My latest VLOG

My 2019 overview is FINALLY here, and on no better day than this Aquarius New Moon, and Chinese new year!! WOOHOOO!!

I hope you are feeling as amazing as I am!

Happy New life and New World beautiful souls.

This vlog is long, and raw, and FULL of my own truths and insights as I share so much of my soul. Exposed and naked with only the Universe as my ally. I share a short summary of this month, with Chiron moving into Aries after 50 years we have a great shift occurring plus I give my feels on the power, potency and potential of 2019!

Simplicity is key this year.

Being realistic and brutally honest with yourself is the only way and if you are brave and have courage to go there, you will be rewarded greatly, this I promise you. If you are still holding on to things/ people/ situations that aren't in alignment or serving you anymore, 2019 could be a repeat of 2018 for you. Now is the time, change is here, are you jumping on or staying where you are? Will you evolve, or repeat? Will you consciously change or be forced to? The choice is always yours my darling. Bless, bless, bless and enjoy my heart sharing xo


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