A session with Tiarnie

Astrology, Liquid Crystals & Numerology are  just a few of the yummy tools that Tiarnie works with in a session. Each session is customised to you,

to fit your unique blueprint.

Tiarnie facilitates change, she awakens, and assists you to tap you back into your own self mastery. She is passionate about self transformation, change and helps you to REMEMBER how truly infinite, wise, powerful and AMAZING you are!

Tiarnie offers spiritual mentoring sessions, Astrology readings, liquid crystal consultations, 12 month overviews, 12 month oracle readings and so much more!

All of these consultations are done over Skype to fit in to everyone's schedule. Oracle readings and overviews are typed up and delivered straight to your inbox. 


60 minute session- $222

90 minute session- $333

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