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Channel your Fire - Call in 2023. ACCESS REPLAY IMMEDIATELY!

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Come & join me to call in 2023, finally, its time! It's a day of FIRE with the first New Moon of the Astrological New Year in Aries AND it's at the anaretic Master degree, 00. This is HUGE! This is the start of the zodiac, a new turn of the wheel, we enter a new season- we begin again! There is a massive Aries stellium in the sky, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Chiron, Vesta and Jupiter which is supporting us to call in our year ahead- can you feel the fire!! Our Aries house is getting a full glow up. Aries medicine- Cardinal Fire- Think action, movement, initiation, energy, drive, lifeforce! This New Moon is pretty dynamic and the perfect time for us to gather together, to tap into our yearly goals, make some plans and channel our inner fire, our burning desires, passions and forge forward! What a time to be alive!! This Aries house will also be hit with the Black Moon Solar Eclipse a month later at the other anaretic degree, 29! Kapow! I will be unpacking this and prepping you for the first eclipse in Aries in nearly 10 years on this live event! PLUS, Venus will be conjunct the North Node of fate & destiny for the last time in nearly 20 years in the sign of Taurus- this alone is massive!!! This is a class not to miss! If you are feeling the call to really utilise this intensely potent energy, come and join this live New Moon Circle! I'm pumped!!! Wednesday March 22nd 7pm-9pm AEST




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